XAML Styling

Below are various styling rules we recommend when writing XAML.

  1. When using a StyleClass place it as the first parameter when defining Labels, or when the CSS class name helps define the intent of the control. Good: <Label StyleClass="h1" Text="My Title" /> Bad: <Label Text="My Title" StyleClass="h1" />

  2. When using a control (like a Label) that does not need a body do not provide an end tag. Good: <Label Text="My Label" /> Bad: <Label Text="My Label"></Label>

Laying Out Your Application

Horizontal Alignments

When you need to align controls horizontally you have quite a few options. We recommend using the following guidelines when selecting a strategy.

  1. StackLayout - StackLayouts are a performant away to align controls horizontally (Orientation="Horizontal"). StackLayouts don't offer a lot in the way of placement options. Web Equivalent: DIVs with floats

  2. ResponsiveLayout - ResponsiveLayouts are a Rock Mobile addition that create column grids much like Bootstrap's grid in CSS. It allows you to provide a different number and size of columns based on the size of the view. Web Equivalent: Bootstrap Grids

  3. Grid - The Xamarin Forms Grid is a very powerful layout tool. It can slow down performance a bit if they become too numerous or complex. Web Equivalent: HTML Tables (on steroids)

  4. Others (AbsoluteLayout/RelativeLayout/FlexLayout) - There are numerous other options to look at. Their uses are more advanced.

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