Developer Accounts

When publishing your Rock Mobile app with App Factory, you can host your app under your own Apple and Google developer accounts or the Triumph Tech developer accounts. Hosting under your accounts means you'll have complete control over your app in the stores, but you'll need to invite (see below) and provide access to the App Factory accounts to publish on your behalf. As you engage with the App Factory team to begin publishing your app, they'll give you all the details.

If you end your subscription with App Factory and your app(s) are hosted under the Triumph developer accounts, they will be de-listed from the stores after a period of time.


If you would like App Factory to use your Apple and Google developer accounts, we'll need to be invited to your accounts. Instructions for sending invites are below:

Invites for Apple Accounts

  1. Sign in to the Apple Store Connect and select Users and Access

  2. Click the Plus button and enter the following information:

    1. First Name: App

    2. Last Name: Factory

    3. Roles: Admin

    4. Apps: All or the existing app we're publishing over

    5. Invite

Invites for Google Play Store

  1. Sign in to the Google Play Console and select Users and permissions

  2. Click the Invite new users button and enter the following information:

    1. App permissions: The existing app we're replacing with Admin (all permissions) or

    2. Account permissions: Admin (all permissions)

    3. Invite User

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