Schedule Preference

Set your preferences for group scheduling.

This allows an individual to set their scheduling preferences, so an administrator (and auto-scheduling) knows their preferred dates, times, and locations. If you are unfamiliar with group scheduling in Rock, please refer to the Rock Your Groups - Group Scheduling manual.

Group Selection

If a user is enrolled in more than one group that has group scheduling enabled, it will first prompt them with a group selection page, provided in the screenshot below. If an individual is not enrolled in any groups, a friendly message is displayed to reach out to the church if they are interested in volunteering.

With 'Children's' and 'Greeters' being the groups that the individual is enrolled in. This allows a user to set their preferences on a per-group basis.


Add Assignment

The 'Add Assignment' button will prompt them with a modal to allow an individual to request exact group scheduling opportunities, as exampled below:

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