Form Fields

Rock Mobile supports several custom form fields. This page contains information on using form fields and covers each of the various field types.

Using Form Fields

Before we go through the various fields available, let's take a look at how they look with their different embed options.

The first way to display one of these fields is just by itself without a container view.

<Rock:TextBox Label="Name" Placeholder="Your Name" />

The <Rock:FormField> view provides a way to show the label. It also handles showing a required indicator. This will be covered in more detail when reading up on that view itself.

        <Rock:TextBox Label="Name" Placeholder="Your Name" />

Now we're talking. The <Rock:FormGroup> adds a border as well as some other sugar to your layout. Again, you can get all the details by reading up on the FormGroup view. However, note that in this sample we removed the Label from the TextBox and moved it to the Title property of the FormGroup. When displaying a single field this works well.

This will be the format the screenshots for each individual field will be shown in as it provides a good way to see the entire view and what it will look like.

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