We've worked hard for you to be able to leverage your knowledge of CSS to theme mobile applications. Applying these classes will allow you to build beautiful mobile apps with consistent styling.

CSS Styling

CSS styling is a powerful way to style your applications. It's also a simple way to bring consistency to your project. Unfortunately, there are a few limitations you should be aware of.

  • XAML styling is a first-class citizen in Xamarin.Forms

  • CSS plays a side role in providing a familiar approach to styling XAML elements

  • One cannot do everything in CSS that is doable in XAML styling

  • Not all standard CSS properties from the web are supported in Xamarin.Forms

Be sure to start your understanding of CSS for Xamarin.Forms by reading the Microsoft documentation.

CSS properties in Xamarin Forms are very picky. If you spell or mistype a property wrong your application could fail to load. Be careful, and test well.

Downhill Framework

We've given our mobile CSS framework the name Downhill (it's much easier to roll a rock downhill you know). It incorporates standards from Bootstrap, Tailwind, and other CSS frameworks along with our own, so hopefully, it feels somewhat familiar to you.

You can find everything in the public Rock repository here:

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