Below are a few of the basic terms that will help you come up to speed as you start navigating the documentation and begin your first mobile app project.


Includes all of the Rock Mobile blocks, content, branding, and other configurable areas. Most visual elements are found here.

App Factory

Required publishing service for all Rock Mobile apps (see more)


The Rock server powering your app (see more)


A button in Rock you can click to send out changes for all app users including configuration, pages, blocks, and content.

Device Type

This is the type of device that the application is running on. The only two options are Phone and Tablet.

Downhill CSS

The style framework included with Rock Mobile (see more)


The process by which App Factory distributes your apps into the Apple App Store and Google Play Console. This only includes new Shell versions, not content changes.

Platform / Operating System (OS)

This is the platform that the application is running on. The options include iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

Rock Mobile Core

An app used for testing the latest production version of the Shell. You may have heard this referred to as the "orange app" and used it for the RX conference. Apple App Store | Google Play

Rock Mobile Latest

An app used for testing the latest pre-alpha version of the Shell, commonly referred to as the "blue app". Apple App Store | Google Play


Handles the tricky stuff like navigation, authentication, API calls, and more. The Shell is updated and maintained by the development team at Triumph Tech, whereas everything in the Application layer is under your control, built upon the Shell.

TestFlight (link)

Apple's service for testing apps that aren't published in the App Store. App Factory will send your iOS app here for review first.

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