Profile Details

Allows the user to edit their account on a mobile application.

This block is pretty self-explanatory. It can be used to edit the profile details of the currently logged-in individual.

Block Configuration

Connection Status

The connection status to use for new individuals. Defaults to Prospect.

Record Status

The record status to use for new individuals. Defaults to Pending.

Showing/Requiring Fields

In the Mobile Local Settings, each field follows a specific pattern. There is one setting for whether or not to show a field, and another that determines whether or not the field is required. If show is set to No, then the required field is irrelevant. This takes place for every field on that list, although the Gender field follows a newer style, the concept is the same (because it was added later).

Modifying Another Person Profile

In order to modify another person's profile, you must pass in the PersonGuid as a page parameter. Note that you must have access to make modifications.

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