Group Members

Allows you to view the other members of a group person belongs to (e.g. Family groups).

Not to be confused with the Group Member List block, this block displays the other members that belong to the same Group Type supplied through block configuration, for the Person retrieved from context. The main use-case for this block is to display a Person's family members.

Getting Started

This block is pretty straightforward to get working. The only thing really required is a Person context, which can be configured through the page settings.

Block Settings

Members Template

This is the template that will be used to display the members.

Merge Fields

The members template gets supplied the following merge fields.



A list of an object containing a Group and CanEdit field.

This is an anonymous object that contains the Rock.Model.Group & a CanEdit boolean value that depicts whether or not the CurrentPerson has authorization to edit the Person retrieved from context.



The person retrieved from context.



This merge field is supplied from the Group Edit Page block setting.

Group Type

The group type to display members for. Defaults to Family.

Auto Create Group

If enabled, a new Rock.Model.Group will be created for the Person retrieved from context if it does not already exist.

Group Edit Page

The page to push to when a group is selected. Exposed in the Members Template through a merge field.

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