Group Registration

Allows a person to register for a group.

Getting Content

Content is passed in through a page parameter, referenced as GroupGuid. There are quite a few examples of passing page parameters (also known as query parameters) lying around the documentation, and here is a great example.

Page parameters

The parameters that this block looks for are as follows.




The guid of the group you wish to display registration for.

Block Configuration

Group Member Status

The 'Group Member Status' to use when adding a new member.

Group Type Guid

The group type identifiers which are valid to use as the page parameter. You can use this to limit registration to certain group types.

Registration Workflow

An optional workflow to start for each individual being added to the group. The GroupMember will be set as the workflow entity. The current/primary person will be passed as the workflow initiator. If you are unfamiliar with workflows, please take a look at Workflows in Rock.

Family Options

Provide additional inputs to register additional members of the family upon the current person's registration.

Mobile Phone

Determines if the mobile phone field should be hidden, required, or optional.

Email Address

Determines if the e-mail address should be hidden, required, or optional.


The group to provide registration for. If this is left blank, it will be inferred that the guid of the group will be retrieved from the page parameters.

Connection Status

The connection status to use for new individuals upon registration.

Record Status

The record status to use for new individual's upon registration.

Result Page

An optional page to navigate the individual to upon registration. GroupGuid will be passed as a query string parameter.

Registration Completion Message

The lava template that is used to format the result message after a user has been successfully registered. Note that if you set a result page, this setting will be irrelevant.

Prevent Overcapacity Registrations

When this is set to true, a user cannot register for groups that are at capacity. If there is only one spot available, none of the family members can be registered.

Autofill Form

If set to false then the form will not load the context of the logged-in user.

Register Button Text

The text to display in the save button.

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