Group Edit

This is a block that allows you to edit specific details and attributes about a particular group.

Getting Content

Content is passed in through a page parameter, referenced as GroupGuid. There are quite a few examples of passing page parameters (also known as query parameters) lying around the documentation, and here is a great example.

Page parameters

The parameters that this block looks for are as follows.




The guid of the group you wish to edit.

Block Configuration

Show Header

This setting determines whether a "Group Details" header should be displayed.

Limiting Group Configuration

Each configurable facet of the group will have two options, one to show the field and the other to enable the ability to edit the field.

These are the configurable fields. For instance, if I wanted to show the group name and disable the ability to edit it, I could leave Show Group Name checked, but uncheck Enable Group Name Edit. It's also important to keep in mind that if a field isn't shown, it isn't possible to edit it, so that value will be irrelevant.

Attribute Category

This should be set to a category of group attributes that you would like to show and be editable.

Group Detail Page

This setting should be set to a page that you wish to replace the current one with when the "cancel" button is pressed. It takes the GroupGuid and passes it as a page parameter.

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