Content Collection View

Universally search across multiple different content sources, with filter and sort options.

The Content Collection View block is designed to bring your content collections to life. It offers powerful search and filtering tools that work across all items in your collection, delivering results at incredibly fast speeds.

If you run into issues, there is thorough documentation for the web block that can be referenced.

This block utilizes Universal Search, meaning results will only display if that has been configured properly on the content channel.

Block Configuration

Content Collection

The content collection to search across.

Show Filters

Whether or not the filters should be displayed an option for this block.

Whether the search field should be enabled for this block. If disabled, enabling Search on Load or passing in a pre-defined search term would be advised.

Show Sort

Whether or not the sort options should be enabled for this block.

Number of Results

The number of results to load with each search. Note that this block searches as an individual scrolls down, so this will be the number of results returned per each load.

Search on Load

If enabled, the block will search upon load.

Group Results by Source

Whether or not the results returned should be grouped by the content source. You can customize the header of each group by modifying the

Enabled Sort Orders

The options for sort to provide for the block.

The term to use for the "Trending" sort option.


This section allows you to customize filters based on the selected Content Collection configuration.

Group Header Template

The lava template to use to render the group headers. This will display above each content collection source. Only useful if Group Results by Source is enabled.

Item Template

The XAML template to display for each item. Note, that the operation of loading XAML for long lists is expensive, so take caution to follow best layout practices.

Pre-search Template

The template to display before the user has searched once.

Boost Matching Segments

Determines if the matching personalization segments should receive a boost.

Boost Matching Request Filters

Determines if the matching personalization request filters should receive a boost.

Segment Boost Amount

The amount of boost to apply to matches on personalization.

Request Filter Boost Amount

The amount of boost to apply to matches on personalization.

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