Prayer Request Details

Edits an existing prayer request or creates a new one.

Getting Content

Content is passed in through a page parameter, referenced as RequestGuid. There are quite a few examples of passing page parameters (also known as query parameters) lying around the documentation, and here is a great example.

Page parameters

The parameters that this block looks for are as follows.




The guid of the request you wish to display details of.



An optional page parameter containing the Guid of the specific group.


If passed in, this will update the block to use the Person with the Guid corresponding to this value instead of the currently logged in person.

Block Configuration

Show Category

If disabled, then the user will not be able to select a category and the default category will be used exclusively.

Parent Category

A top-level category. This controls which categories the person can choose from when entering their prayer request.

Default Category

The default category to use for all new prayer requests.

Enable Auto Approve

If enabled, prayer requests are automatically approved; otherwise, they must be approved by an admin before they can be seen by the prayer team.

Expires After (Days)

The number of days until the request will expire (only applies when auto-approved is enabled).

Show Header

If enabled, an 'Add/Edit Prayer Request' header will be displayed.

Show Urgent Flag

If enabled, requestors will be able to flag prayer requests as urgent.

Show Public Display Flag

If enabled, requestors will be able to set whether or not they want their request displayed on the public website.

Default to Public

If enabled, all prayers will be set to public by default.

Character Limit

If set to something other than 0, this will limit the number of characters allowed when entering a new prayer request.

Show Campus

Should the campus field be displayed? If there is only one active campus then the campus field will not show.

Require Campus

Require that a campus be selected. The campus will not be displayed if there is only one available campus, in which case if this is set to true then the single-campus is automatically used.

Require Last Name

Require that the last name be entered. The first name is always required.

Enable Person Matching

If enabled, the request will be linked to an existing person if a match can be made between the requester and an existing person.

Completion Action

What action to perform after saving the prayer request.

Completion Xaml

The XAML markup that is used when the Completion Action is set to Show Completion Xaml.


An optional workflow to start when a prayer request is created. The PrayerRequest will be set as the workflow 'Entity' attribute when processing is started.

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