Schedule Sign Up

Sign up for additional group scheduling opportunities.

This allows an individual to sign up for additional scheduling opportunities, instead of having to be scheduled for a particular location and time through an administrator. This block is heavily dependent on group configuration for scheduling so if you are unfamiliar with group scheduling in Rock, please refer to Rock Your Groups - Group Scheduling.

Future Weeks to Show

This block setting sets how many weeks into the future you would like an individual to be able to sign-up for. For instance, if today is 6/1/2022, and I have this block setting set to '6', I will be able to sign up for dates and times through 7/15/2022.

Group Selection

If a user is enrolled in more than one group that has group scheduling enabled, it will first prompt them with a group selection page, provided in the screenshot below. If an individual is not enrolled in any groups, a friendly message is displayed to reach out to the church if they are interested in volunteering.

Schedule Sign-Up

When there are available schedules, a user can easily scroll through and click the dates and times that work for them. If there are multiple locations, a friendly action sheet is displayed that allows an individual to specify a location preference, or not.

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