Communication View

This block is simple to use, but it's important to understand its function. When authoring a new push communication, you may have seen the question for Open Action, which includes the options Link to Mobile Page and Show Details. This block handles the Show Details option.

If you've ever wanted to show additional information to someone after they tap a notification, you can! The content you enter into the Additional Details box will be shown in the app via this block. Start by creating a new page and adding the Communication View block. Next, you'll need to tell the app which page has this block so it knows where to direct people that tap on notifications. Under the Application tab, click Edit and select the page you created for Communication View Page.

Note that not every formatting option is supported in the mobile app, so don't go crazy with fonts and colors. Images are supported, and will generally try to adhere to the layout you set in the editor. For more info on what's supported, check out the HTML control.

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