Answer To Prayer

Displays an existing prayer request and allows the user to enter the answer to prayer.

Getting Started

If you haven't yet set up a block that lists prayer requests in some order, I would recommend starting with that. A couple of examples of those are Prayer Card View and My Prayer Requests. Those blocks both have a setting that should link to a page containing this block.

Query Parameters

The query parameters this block looks for upon initialization are as follows.




The Guid of the prayer request being answered.

Block Configuration

Return Page

If set then the current page will be replaced with the Return Page on Save. If not set then a Pop Page is performed instead.

Enforce Security

Ensures that the person editing the request is the owner of the request.


The template for how to display the prayer request.

Merge Fields

In the template, you have access to these objects:



The prayer request that is being answered.

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