Schedule Toolbox

Accept, decline or cancel scheduled attendances.

This block manages scheduling opportunities for an individual, allowing them to 'Accept' or 'Decline' an attendance request, or cancel a previously accepted or declined request. If you are unfamiliar with group scheduling in Rock, please refer to Rock Your Groups - Group Scheduling.

This block gives an individual the opportunity to confirm his attendance, decline it (and provide a reason), or cancel an attendance that they previously confirmed. All of this is customizable via the Toolbox Template.

Toolbox Template

Changing this default template allows you to fully customize the schedule toolbox page.

The default template contains two | characters on Lines 47 and 75 which is invalid. Until a fix is in place, you'll need to modify this template and remove the extra pipes.

Merge Fields

Merge fields are fields that the block replaces with applicable information. For instance, in this block, we provide a list of the pending schedules, defined as "ScheduleList". This will provide the entire list of pending, unavailable, and declined attendances. The merge fields we provide for this block are:


This block offers specific command bindings to use in the Toolbox Template XAML.

Confirm Decline Template

Changing this content allows you to customize the content on the modal that is pushed when a user "declines" an attendance, this is mostly just the header content as the decline reason picker and button are programmed into the block itself.

Merge Fields

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